About Us

Mission of the company

Family ran small business Wyatt Howard the CEO has been in deep study in the CBD industry. Doing educational YouTube videos about the numerous health benefits of CBD. He actually has certification in the industry from well known schools learning everything about the Hemp Plant and the cannabinods components showing people the correct products to use in your daily life for relief from the everyday struggle and maintenance for a healthy well being.

Wyatt Howard

History of the company

March 18th was such a great day we waited 2 months on a waiting list for a booth at the Yellow Green Farmers market in Hollywood FL. We finally got that phone call about a booth finally opening up me and my mom Angeles jumped for joy.We then bought everything and more to get ready for our own grand-opening just a few days away of course a little exited about becoming a new business owner. BOOM the pandemic hit like mike Tyson and close the market before we where able to have our Grand Opening. Even though the market is still not open. We will not give up on our dream of helping people who are in need and want to become a part of our extended family here at earthly greens. All of your orders will be taken care of as if it is our own. We promise if you choose to support our family small business you are fueling the American economy.